About Allen Panakal

Hello, I’m Allen Panakal. 
I am an Artist. Born and Raised in Chicago.

I do Web Design, Graphic Art, Illustration and Photography. 

If you’ve got a project that needs these skills, then I’m your guy. 
The site has a portfolio that is broken down into sections that show you each individual skill. Though I just started my freelancing career, I worked as a full time UI/UX Designer. 
This means I’m not only creative but also professional. 
I’d love to work with you. 
You can contact me at or using the contact link at the top.

Personal Story

I’ve always loved art. I come from a family of artists. I started my training at a young age. My Uncle Fr. Michael was the first one to talk to me about my calling. Being an artist himself, he started teaching me when I was very young. He used to tell me that, in our family, there are those who are destined to be artists, That it's in our blood and I've been gifted something great that I shouldn't waste.

I have three degrees: a BFA in Multimedia and Web Design, a BS in Network and Communications Management and an MFA in Media Design. I worked for a corporation for 13 years until it finally hit me: I want to work for myself. I’ve been focusing on my creator-owned series, Ancient Ones, while freelancing on the side. 


Dragon Con - Best Alien from Ancient Ones Series