The Artists Struggle - Why we do what we do

Sometimes you wonder why you keep doing what you do. Some days it feels like every single thing you do backfires in your face. Is it a lack of talent? Is it a lack of inspiration? Is it someone else? All three? The correct answer is…none of the above.

It’s you.

You’ve found other things to blame other than yourself. You’ve found excuses and you stand by them persuasively.


You know what you need to do. You have the talent within you. So…get to it. Your excuses are worthless to everyone. They could care less. The excuses only hurt you. Your work, essentially, only has value to you. That’s not to say you won’t inspire others in the process.

What does this mean? It means go use your talent.

You will be relentless. You will have courage. And you will create art you know in your heart is not as good as you want it to be. You’ll want to quit.



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