This is a page dedicated to testimonials and inspirational things people send me.

Art can really take one to the next level when you find an emotional connection. Several of your pieces have really moved me. Continue to follow your passion. You are reaching people on a deeper level than you know!
— Dr. Prasad Mathew
Allen has a unique style that grows through him, rather than from him. This is why it is authentic. He is free of the traps of artists who clamour desperately for approval or validation from the audience, because he simply enjoys the process of his art’s expression.
— Curt Clendenin
I like your collection and art style. This thing you are doing for all these different characters is “Allen’s style” and I like that you have a feel that is recognizable.
— Joe Swantek
...dude im amazed at what you are doing with your art! You are an inspiration!
— Jeremie Palenske
You have a serious gift with your art. Just because people look at what you do and can’t understand or comprehend doesn’t make them better or all knowing. Listen to the people that get what you are doing and appreciate what you do. All other opinions are resistance.
— Yancey Daum
Allen is an artist who’s passion is definitively communicated through his creations. While his talent strikes a beautiful chord, the ease of his commitment and persistence to share his talents are inspiring. Allen’s work carries with it emotions of positivity, creativeness, and space for others to be inspired. Thank you for sharing what you do with the world Allen!
— Seeta Trivedi
I think it’s killer! They’re so unique!
— Hillarie Rovi
Your drive and passion for what you do is just phenomenal. Seeing your style evolve over the years has been a real treat, man. Many blessings!
— Lawrence August
You’re the kind of artist that others hope to be. Fearless. Instead of falling throughout your journey, you chose time and time again.
— Linsey Thattil
One of the most admirable things about Allen is his true love for art. Despite having a 9-5 job Monday – Friday, Allen never pushes aside his dedication to his art. It’s truly inspiring seeing someone live out their dream and true passion in life, while still remaining humble through his successes. He has a unique eye for finding the beauty in what most would look at as ordinary and dull.
— Jess Lomas
Thank you so much for the print; my sister loved it! She’s obsessed with Green Arrow and already has a “nerd wall” with prints of her favorite characters, but none as awesome as yours! Thank you for sharing your work!
— Destiny Miller